Neticle received 2.5 million euro funding from Lead Ventures and Hiventures

Neticle, having become well-known and successful tech start-up by providing intelligent media monitoring including social media and text analysis solutions. The company has recently signed an agreement with Lead Ventures and Hiventures, member of the MFB Group to receive a EUR 2.5 million venture capital investment. The financing will be used to strengthen Neticle’s regional market position, for further market entries and product development.

Budapest, 7th October 2019 - Neticle is a SaaS-based intelligent social media listening and text analysis start-up using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which products are now available in 9 languages. The Hungarian-based company after executing successful market entries in Poland and Austria earlier this year, just received a capital injection of 2.5 million euros in total from Lead Ventures as lead investor and Hiventures. The investment will help Neticle to scale up and expand internationally.

"In addition to accelerating growth, we have strong intention to use the investment to continue product development, as well. Primarily,, known as a feedback analyser tool, will be turned into an integrated solution. Based on user feedbacks, we are building a smart survey maker and analyser program. It will collect customer, employee or any other feedback quickly and easily while these survey answers will be also analysed in real-time. Along with the rebranding, we succeeded to create our enterprise product portfolio which will support our position as a major player in the region" - said Peter Szekeres, CEO and Co-founder of Neticle. „Naturally, we need additional resources to pursue these goals, therefore, our team will be substantially extended soon” – he added.
In order to be a competitive player on the market, a company must react to customer and employee feedbacks quickly, as well as to the online opinion content posted by users and clients. Fast adaptation to these trends result in huge competitive advantage and Neticle can make a real difference. 

"Neticle's professionally outstanding, dedicated team has developed a unique technology in the field of natural language processing. After years of persistent work their solution is now market proven having over a hundred corporate clients in several countries. Our investment will enable Neticle to scale up operations and strengthen its technology leadership. Lead Ventures focuses on companies being in the scale-up stage, both in Hungary and across Central Eastern Europe" - said Ábel Galácz, CEO of Lead Ventures.

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